Second Post

I was planning to post yesterday and thus make a good habit of keeping this blog very up-to-date. Unfortunately, I ended up staying up until 2 AM working on my lab report. This was due mostly to a serious lack of Physical insight about the incredibly inane “lab” that we’re doing for the CMI CI-M class (don’t ask. Just don’t). At any rate, after much fighting with LaTeX and grappling with GNU Octave, and Gnumeric and Calc, I finally completed half of a draft of this stupid lab report. A report which is due in final polished form in 10 hours.

Ta-ta for now.

First Post!

Today I had my first CI-M seminar prep for Cambridge. Ohh, so boring. At least they gave us free-food. When you have to stay up until midnight writing their stupid Literature Review of an article that is a literature review, then walk back to Fenway, shower, sleep, and wake up in time to walk back and be there by 9 AM, free breakfast is a great consolation. At least I got to meet the mysterious Amanda Frye, whose name sounds distantly familiar to everyone and who is the other MIT Physics major headed for Cambridge.

It’s taken me some serious effort to get this weblog up and running, but, hey, that’s what happens when you try hosting dynamic content for the first time, and if it ain’t a learning experience what’s the point?