Eixample Day in Barcelona

10 AM: Alarm goes off. Walk across the alley to an Italian-British flatbread shop for breakfast.
Noon: Take a bus to the Gothic Quarter for lunch in a picturesque hidden square at a six-table restaurant full of American tourists and construction noise.
2 PM: Take a subway to La Sagrada Familia.
3 PM: Take the elevator up to the top of the Nativity Facade towers. Look out across the city, then walk down the 300 steps.
5 PM: Get some gelato and look up at the Passion facade.
6 PM: Take a bus back to the hotel and switch into swimsuit.
7 PM: Take a bus to Barceloneta beach, and buy a towel, a carton of Gazpacho, and a baguette.
8 PM: Swim in the Mediterranean. It’s cold.
9 PM: Dinner at a snazzy beachfront restaurant.
11 PM: Bus back to the hotel.

Multiply by 6 for a solid week in Barcelona.

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