A few years ago we went to an amazing performance, a musical adaptation and transformation of a European classic, based closely on an old English translation. The space was decorated entirely in mirror foil, which made for a radical experience from the first step inside.

Last weekend I had a friend in The Pinocchio Project, an occasionally musical adaptation and transformation of the European classic, based on an old translation. And wouldn’t you know it, when we walked in, the space was completely covered in mirror foil.

It was a transporting experience, told with enough humor and dynamism to make up for the bluntly didactic original, while also making me feel like I learned a thing or two about the real story of Pinocchio. They were so engaging that I didn’t even notice they’d dropped the nose thing until someone mentioned it during the discussion at the end.

What we saw was a “workshop performance”, a new idea for me. The play was unfinished, not that we could tell. That means, if everything goes well, in a few months or a year Pinocchio will happen again, for real.

I hope I get to go see it again.

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