Passover Polyhedra, round 4

I used to make stuff for Passover out of Matzoh. It had been a while, but this year we needed a vegan dessert, and I had a few minutes to spare, et voila.

This was definitely my lowest-effort concoction yet. It’s literally a matzoh PB & J, minus the PB. I used a few different flavors of jam for variety, made each block four slices thick, wrapped it in plastic, let it absorb in transit to soften the matzoh, and then sliced it into bricks onsite.

Result: surprisingly delicious, soft and sort of fluffy and flavorful. Using three whole jars of jam will do that.

Also, this might be my first biblically defensible Passover dessert. The Israelites aren’t described as building any pyramids, but they surely were using some sort of bricks.

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