Fun fact of the day: Laudanum, 1822’s drug of the year, is still around, and in some sense is legal. It turns out that when the FDA was introduced, and patent medicines were brought under regulatory control, existing drugs were grandfathered in, even if, like Laudanum, they were ill-defined plant-derived mixtures that had never been subjected to anything you could still call Science. Technically, you can still get a prescription for this stuff, if you want to contribute to our opioid addiction epidemic in proper Victorian style. There are even American manufacturers, which means that someone is actually doing this!

Oh, and not just Laudanum: Paregoric too! Seriously what year is it.

One thought on “Drugs”

  1. Ben, when you were 6 months old, you kept waking up at 3 A.M. crying miserably and not able to go back to sleep (and neither could we!). I can only assume it was caused by teething pains. I was able to get a prescription for Paregoric, with the instructions to rub it on your gums if you woke for no more than three nights in a row.

    It worked! Yea for Paregoric!

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