As of yesterday, all my possessions have finally been relocated from the old place to the new place, and some of them are even in reasonable locations.

On my own, I probably would have just hired a moving company to move them all for me, but as my parents were taking back some things I wouldn’t be needing, my mom saw fit to ask every strong-looking guy on the sidewalk if they happened to have a sideline in moving furniture … and one did! I ended up renting a Zipvan and calling him twice, once to move boxes and once for furniture. Between the two of us, we were able to move everything, even the couches. I paid less than a proper moving company would have cost, and he got more than a moving company would pay its workers.

Call it a triumph of the informal economy.

There are still quite a few boxes left to process, mostly mine, but I’m starting to believe that our little layout (planned ahead of time in Inkscape over a to-scale floorplan image) is going to work out quite nicely.

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