So far, it’s been seventeen years in Connecticut, two at MIT, one in Ye Olde Cambridge, one in Back Bay, six in Central Square, two in Seattle, and two in Hamilton Heights. Now it’s time for someplace new. Next stop: Times Square.

OK, it’s not really Times Square. Maybe it’s Hell’s Kitchen South? Theatre District? Anyway, West Midtown.

I’ve enjoyed my little 350-sqft miniature home, in a neighborhood that’s all churches and barbershops, with nary a Yelp or Zagat rating in sight. (After all, who needs Yelp for the place they grew up? Why would I read reviews of my old hometown diner?)

It’s been fun, when the weather’s nice and the stars align, to bike the 8 or so miles to the office, mostly along the lovely West Side Bikeway (and still way too much through awful city streets). The little home improvement projects, like installing a projector, were good times too. But the big prize for me was always entertaining friends, something I managed a few times a year but not as often as I would have liked.

Whether or not I realize my ambition to do better on that front, my new apartment won’t be a lonely place … because I’ll be sharing it with my girlfriend, for the first time.

Every move so far has marked the start of something new and wonderful, but this one is going to be particularly special.

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