Glass top table pad nubbin thingies

I bought a glass-top desk off of Craigslist, and while I’m quite happy with it, I realized when I got home that it was missing 4 of its 6, uhh, clear rubber bumper things. The kind that stick into a hole in the frame and then flange out into a pad, almost like a suction cup, so your glass stays put and doesn’t get scratched. I spent an hour Googling for these every which way, but all I could find were these adhesive-backed bumpers, which are not the right thing at all. I began to question my sanity. How could there not be a single mention of these things on the whole internet?

Eventually, I somehow stumbled across a patio-furniture parts supply company, with a picture that looked promising … and then I was down the rabbit hole. It turns out that the keyword is “30-518”. This is the part number (SKU) for a clear vinyl “1/4-inch stem bumper with 1/2-inch flange” that is sold at more patio furniture supply companies than should fit in one sentence.

To me, the mystery here is that they all use the same part number. Surely this means that they are all ordering from the same catalog or supplier … but I have yet to find any clue as to what that source might be. I feel like I have stumbled across a conspiracy of silence.

In the end I bought 6 bumpers for $0.90 plus $2.75 for shipping from

The (ironic?) thing is that, after all this effort and discovery, the part still isn’t quite a match, although it will work fine. The original bumpers on this table, and to my eye the classic glass-table-top-bumper-thingy, have a 3/4″ flange, not 1/2″. That, as far as I can tell, is impossible to find.

EDIT: For the record … the replacements turned out to be too thin, so that the tabletop rested on a bolt head instead of on the rubber. Duct tape was required. Alas.

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  1. Thank you Ben!! Your story sounds identical to mine….and just by entering that item number I found them!!! Hope they work!! Thank you so much!

  2. Hey Ben, OMG I have had this same problem all day. I also could only find these on the outdoor furniture sites. I measured with tape measure and of course not 1/2″ but 3/4″. I have just come to the realization that I’m going to order all new ones. I unfortunately have 4 different tables that are missing some here and there. What a pain in the rear. Thank you so much for posting this. I will refrain myself from spending anymore hours trying to find these fricken table nipples!

  3. DUDE YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!! Just lost my rubber things on my desk on a move and have been crazy looking for the same item. I also stumbled across that 3M Bumpons which are not the same thing and was considering settling for it. Thankfully your blog showed up on the first page when searching for “glass desk bumper”.

    Thanks again!

  4. Hi!
    Thank you so much for the information. I lost my pieces while I was moving and the furniture company couldn’t help me with the replacement parts. I just ordered my replacement pieces through the website You saved my table! πŸ™‚

  5. Brilliant! Thank you for sharing this nugget of information. I wish I hadn’t wasted my time wandering the isles of Home Depot yesterday.

  6. Ben, Thanks for taking the time to share. I have been looking for these glass nub thingies for years.. Much appreciated!

  7. You are a freakin’ genius. Thanks….this is just what I am looking for. We have a vintage heavy class and chrome table and the stickies do not work. Ordering lots of the pads right now.

  8. am trying to find those little rubble things now in australia and so far no luck – your comments really helped

    1. ok, i have solved the problem…i was ready to order five of the thingees at $1 each…then i remembered something. they kinda look like the suction cups that you hang those pretty glass decorations on, in your windows…i remembered i bought a gigantic bag at of the dollar stores…and lo and behold, yes, i found the tiniest suction cups with the silver hook on it, and guess what? it is the same size as the ones that got lost on my dining room table/glass top…i dismantled the hook, turned the suction cup upside down, and put the nipple part into the opening, hit with a little hammer, and right in it went…put the glass on top, it was perfect, even better because the flange itself was larger than the original one and it held the table tighter…
      let me know how you all make out…and it didnt even cost me the five dollars and the 8 dollars for postage…imagine that one??

  9. I’ve been desperately trying to find these in Australia too. I’ve been calling them clear rubber plug things but no one knows what I’m on about.

  10. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been looking everywhere as I’ve lost a couple from two different tables moving house. I even asked in a hardware shop today and looked at me like I was a mad woman! Was googling to find out what they were called. Problem is, mine are not the same measurements as you mention, so I’m still a bit stuck but I have a better idea where to look? I think they should give out spares when you buy glass tables, like when you buy a shirt, you get extra buttons! πŸ™‚

  11. Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure out what these “thingies” were called and where to find them! Now the glass top on my patio table won’t slide around!

  12. Let me shed some light on the “mystery” here: There isn’t one. Most patio furniture parts suppliers use the same supplier for aftermarket parts. For obvious reasons, businesses do not like to divulge their sources, but our supplier does not sell to the public anyway. If you absolutely HAVE to have brand-specific parts, you have no choice but to shell out quite a bit more for proprietary parts. We all use the same numbers because we all use the same supplier. If the numbers are different than the 30-600 format, it’s probably from somewhere else, such as Winston, Tropitone, Brown Jordan or China. Various companies have various pricing schemes and varied overhead, so naturally pricing is going to fluctuate slightly for shipping to our place of business, different utility rates, numbers of employees, packaging and shipping materials, cost of parts, etc… It would be nearly impossible for a company in California to charge the same price for an item that a company in Florida sells. Taxes are different, shipping to the business is different, etc… So, even if the wholesale price were the same for both businesses, one will pay more overall than the other and has to recoup costs. If you want a slightly taller bumper, you can use the 30-520, which is softer as well. I hope this clears some things up and if anyone has any other questions, you are more than welcome to contact me M-F 9-5 ET at 772-569-9222. Ben Pace, VP Pace’s III, Inc. Patio Furniture Sales, Service and Parts, since 1982.

    Is this the same Ben Schwartz that plays “A Waltz in A”?

    1. Thanks Dan for this web site…not only the least expensive option, but cheapest shipping option! I saved almost $8.00 by using this site!!

  13. So glad I stumbled on you guys. Who’d have thought that finding something so small and simple could cause so much trouble? As basic ‘spares’ they should surely be widely available …..
    Gonna try and find some in UK now .

  14. Haha… another Australian with this problem. Hands up if yours is from a Freedom Z Return glasstop table… God forbid Freedom themselves should supply the parts. But seriously, I can’t believe that this is a “wear and tear” item – I will never buy a glass table top ever again!

  15. Quite a few years ago I walked into a country hardware store to find a part. The owner asked what I wanted. “I need one of those thingies that–”
    “Whoa!” said he. “Women come in here for THINGIES. Men come here for parts.” And he walked away.
    Actually it was a good lesson. I basically knew what I wanted, and I was wasting his time with the THINGIE nomenclature.

    Fast forward to now. Dadgummit, it’s impossible to find these little plastic thingies that separate the glass top from the table below. Thanks to Ben, now I can search for β€œ1/4-inch stem bumper with 1/2-inch flange”, and with part number 30-518, too.
    And thanks to other responses there are other web sites and part numbers.

    Ben, you rock. Thanks!

    1. Not the same item. Item must have two essential components; stem mounting for attachment to frame and suction cup bumper for glass to rest upon.

  16. Nearly 4 years after original post and still helping DIYers! I spent 1.5 hours at to the 2 local hardware stores trying to sell me felt pads and almost 15 minutes flailing around the internet trying to figure out what they are called. If I can save 5 minutes for even on person in the future folks it will be worth the 2 minutes I used to comment.

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  17. Now almost four years later, this post is still invaluable. I have struggled over several hours and several days with the exact same problem.
    Along with the patio furniture sources, True Value Hardware has a part that may work. I have yet to order them but shipping to a store near you is free. That may help with the ridiculously low item cost and high shipping costs. (Item # 161587)
    Thank you!

  18. Oddly enough I stumbled across these posts when I too was searching for table bumpers that sound similar to what you were looking for Ben. I also need a clear vinyl suction style bumper that is 13mm high, by 14mm wide with a 9mm stem that fits in a hole in a metal framed table. The end of the stem flares out like a little arrow. However, both fortunately and unfortunately, I found what I was looking for, but can’t seem to order them anywhere either. I was a little stunned when I contacted one of the patio supply places that told me, “Oh , we can’t get those, they’re made in China.” So, what I said, every darn thing I buy today says made in China, so it should easy as pie to get them. Guess not. I don’t get it. πŸ™‚

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