I held a small celebration today to mark the end of the PQE, with cheese and crackers, tea and scones, and a chocolate fondue with fruit and a personal favorite sort of peanut-butter fudge. It was an unqualified success, and ran through the whole afternoon and into the evening.

Last night was a dinner in honor of my cousin Jake’s graduation from BU, at La Dolce Vita in the North End. The area was flooded with celebrating families, and our 7:30 reservation didn’t get us seated until after 8. Despite the delay, and decor of questionable taste, the food was excellent, and the company better still.

I have decided (on my grandparents’ advice) to contest the $270 speeding ticket. After a closer inspection of the road maps and traffic laws, I have concluded that the officer’s interpretation of the speed limit postings was incorrect. The last posted speed limit was on an entirely different road, and so the region in question was actually an unposted divided multilane superhighway, not a posted 30-mph zone. Regardless, I was traveling at a safe speed. Perhaps I will get a chance to convince a judge of this fact.

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