I have wasted the past hour eating cheese and drinking orange juice, when I should have been sleeping, or contacting the many people I must contact about starting research.

I am so tired.

Yesterday, I recovered a piece of Chorallaries equipment that had been sitting in a former member’s uncle’s garage for two years. On Saturday morning, I intend to move the recording booth I got for free two and a half years ago into a friend’s room. Saturday night my parents are coming up to see me do my first solo ever at an all-MIT concert.

Bad Ben

I’ve been bad about keeping my diary updated. I had intended to post on Friday that I was going on the Chorallaries retreat, and might not be in contact until Monday. Unfortunately, I spent too much time packing to write anything and still leave on time.

Every year, the Chorallaries rent a house in Vermont for a weekend and spend it partying, cooking for each other, and practicing 6 hours or more a day. It serves as a wonderful opportunity to learn our new music in time for the Fall Concert, as well as to get to know our new members. This is aided by the wonderful location, in an endless autumn forest. It was the perfect weekend.

This is not likely to be the perfect week. I have to get cracking on my work for my math class and finding a research group (admittedly, both of these sound fun). This weekend is the MIT Family Weekend concert, where I have a solo. My parents are driving up to see me, then driving me back for a party they’re throwing the next day.

So, still hectic.


List of things encountered on the sidewalk today:

  • potato

First Pset

I finally got a copy of my first problem set. It was handed out on Thursday, but I was in Maine. It’s due Thursday. It’s for my biochemistry class, and I have no intention of getting any of the problems right. I’ll be proud if I can come up with something halfway reasonable for most of them.

It seems like everyone else in the class was a chem or biochem major undergrad. Maybe I should call my brother.


I’m pretty worn out, after a whole 24 hours of Yom Kippur. Man is that a long holiday.

I spent last night and all today in my suit, with one exception. Instead of dress shoes, I was wearing my black Timberland hiking boots. I chose the boots to appear as much like dress shoes as possible, and it appears to have worked. As far as I can tell nobody noticed.

I had to wear comfortable shoes because I can’t bicycle in nice pants, so I’ve been walking to and from Harvard Yard (and Harvard Business School, where the breakfast was).

I need to go to sleep, but I do have one piece of news. My new laptop makes it easy to transfer files from my phone to my computer, so I can copy off all the pictures I’ve taken. That will probably increase the number of pictures I post here, since I’ll always have a camera with me, even if it’s a grainy one.


Last night, immediately upon returning from the retreat, I went out to dinner in Harvard Square. I biked there, and discovered at around midnight that I’d lost my keys, I retraced my steps but could not find them, and so concluded that they must be in the restaurant. This morning I called the restaurant repeatedly until they opened, then ran over and checked; sure enough, my keys were there. While I was in the area I had brunch with a few Harvard friends, then went home.

I had planned to do work when I got home, but instead I fought with my computer for about three hours, trying to get my music notation software installed. When I’d finally succeeded on that front, I spent the next 7 or so hours arranging “Papercut” by Linkin’ Park. This is the first arrangement I’ve presented to the Chorallaries, so I’m very excited.

I am not, however, very diligent, as I still haven’t so much as looked at my homework.