Last night was the grand opening of Building 46, which is apparently called The Picower Center for Learning and Memory. Everyone just calls it “the new course 9 building”, which shows once again the triumph of numbers over words at MIT. I was there to sing two songs with the Chorallaries.

Course 9 is Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Anywhere else, that subject would probably be called Psychology, but at MIT it’s really focused on questions of neuroanatomy and brain stuff. They love fMRI.

The building is fantastic. I can’t really describe it, except to say that it’s huge, square, covered in glass and marble, and has a train that runs through the middle of it. Yes, a train.

The event was also pretty great. It’s rumored that James Watson attended, and by the reactions of a certain other distinguished guest in the front row, it appears that the Chorallaries have a new fan.

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