Beyond Measure

I’ve been pretty busy, too busy to post regularly, and things are about to get a lot busier. Due to a very confusing sequence of events, it is likely that the Chorallaries will be performing at 8 PM, November 5 at Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA. That’s just over a week from now, so next week we will have a rehearsal almost every day. As a result, I am trying to get as much work as possible done this week, so that I can get some sleep next week. I am exceedingly glad that I’m not rowing.

I’m also glad I’m not rowing because the weather has been awful beyond words. Yesterday there was so strong a crosswing that I biked across the entire bridge at an angle, requiring every ounce of focus and concentration to try to keep myself from hitting the railing or lampposts. Whitecaps were rolling through the basin. By the time I reached the other side of the bridge, in under two minutes, the right side of my face was becoming numb to the sideways blast of icy rain.

So I’m glad I’m not rowing.

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