I’m terrible with post titles.

My supervision Friday was cancelled (“postponed”) because my supervisor is not well. Choice quote:

I had a rather nasty turn last week and have just got out of hospital. I dont recommend cardiac wards.

Something scary about that. This will mean that I will have had attended one supervision for the course in the first 7 weeks of an 8-week term.

We had a rehearsal tonight for Cadenza, which was utter chaos. There are some very talented people in that group, but without anyone actually in charge of rehearsals and without an attendance policy, I’m amazed anything gets done. People actually made cell phone calls during rehearsal, and every time a song stopped the group devolved into conversations. Craziness. Also, since the rehearsals inevitably fall on dinner (much like weekend crew practice inevitably falls on lunch) I am constantly scrounging. Tonight I went with a few other Cadenzans or whatever we are to a bar or a pub or something that looked mostly like just a bar with a TV but also served food. We placed our orders moments before the kitchen closed, and were served surprisingly good food, all things considered. In the course of the ensuing conversation I discovered that Catholic schools in the UK can simultaneously be public schools (“state schools” in UK terminology) which seemed rather much at odds with my usual notions about the government not funding religious enterprises. It also appears that Catholic schools here are not, in fact, meaningfully Catholic, which is awfully confusing, since in the US they really are, or at least some of them are.

As part of the same conversation I discovered that although few Britons continue their education after high school, there is no big ceremony, i.e. no graduation/commencement! They just leave! It seems that American society is always informal, except for a small few terrifically formal “life-cycle” events, British society simply has a vast number of mildly formal events scattered throughout one’s schedule.

All very confusing. I think I’m doing pretty well in my translation class, which is nice. Not exceptionally, but considering the teacher’s initially disdainful attitude, I feel somewhat vindicated.

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