Highlights of the day:

  • Played Disc Golf (TM) (pretty much golf but with a frisbee), 9 holes in 45 minutes. Lost, despite playing with almost all novices, but still had fun.
  • Sat in a packed Q+A session with my new Senator Maria Cantwell. I spent a few minutes ahead of time trying to come up with question that would reveal something distasteful about her and quickly gave it up as impossible. From freedom of speech and net neutrality to patent reform to commercial spaceflight to clean energy, she’s just about the best there is.
  • Activated my first credit card ever
    • and immediately set up full-balance auto bill pay, so that it behaves like a debit card.
  • Got a toll pass so I can drive across the bridge without getting fined. OK, so that’s not as exciting, I guess.

Tomorrow I’m going camping (at very low altitude, by the seashore). It should be … unconventional. See you Monday!

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