At the end of my first day at Google, indeed my first day of actual employment* in my life, I grabbed one of the myriad Google Bikes that are strewn about the campus and biked across to one of the dinner joints. You can perhaps imagine my surprise, on a campus of over 10,000 employees, to spot an old, good friend who works for Google in Cambridge.

We ate there and chatted about Googley things, and he invited me to the house of a nearby friend for anime watching.

So here I am, at a strange house in Menlo Park, watching absolutely incomprehensible Japanese television (Fate/Zero for those in the know) in the world’s most comfortable living room, with a crowd composed of 90% Googlers.

Tomorrow morning it’ll be another early start and a long day … but this time more technical and less general.

*: It will be quite a while before I start doing any actual work, of course.

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