In the nick of time

I think it’s finally over. I got an e-mail today (Thursday) that said, in its entirety

Dear Benjamin Schwartz,

Congratulations. Your submission, 10431 has cleared all of the necessary checks and will soon be delivered to ProQuest/UMI for publishing.

Harvard University Administrator

which means, in almost the driest imaginable way, that I’m truly done and cleared to do the cap gown hood diploma thing.*

Given that Friday is the absolute deadline for final approval, and far from the first tight timetable maneuver required through the course of this process, I find myself proud, in the way one might be proud of making two yellow lights in a row.

*: Anyone else notice that having a hat and a hood is a bit redundant?

3 thoughts on “In the nick of time”

  1. I think the hood is only for graduate students…Caps for undergrads. In any case, Congratulations, and all love!!

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