My wallet and dresser were both empty yesterday, so I went to the nearest ATM to get cash, to turn into quarters, to feed to the laundry machines. The first ATM wouldn’t take my card, so I tried another, and then another at a different bank. I tried using the card at a store too; it didn’t work anywhere, so I called the customer service number.

Fidelity customer service helpfully informed me that my account had been disabled due to suspicious activity. I confirmed that I had not spent $1900 at the Home Depot or $5 at Toys R Us, and they informed me that I would receive a new card in the mail in 5 to 7 business days.

That didn’t solve the problem at hand, of course; I still had no money. A friend (name reserved to protect his identity from other moochers) lent me $60 until the new card arrives, which should be plenty.

A few things are surprising here. One is that they deactivated my card but didn’t call me. Another is that the charges seem to have been incurred in Illinois (that’s probably how they knew to stop payment, come to think of it). A third is that a new fraudulent charge has since appeared, from the same Home Depot. This thief does not appear to be very bright.

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