I’ve been so distracted for the past couple of days that I forgot to mention one of the more noteworthy events of the week. On Wednesday evening, VoiceLab had a recording session for our first CD. The group’s already recorded many tracks for their CD, and I’ve recorded two others, so it’s not broadly a novel experience, but the interest is always in the details.

We were recording in a professional, a-cappella-centric studio. The studio has three soundproofed, isolated rooms, and so we recorded in groups of three, each person in one room, wearing headphones so we could hear each other. The headphones also played the original of the song that we are covering, and a metronome to keep us in rhythm.

The producer who owns this studio also lives in it; it’s actually built into his house. This is not so unusual, for producers. In fact, he built it all himself, mostly by converting his attic… and it’s not quite finished. There are still stray construction supplies lying about, and there are some distinct gaps in the drywall and hardwood floors. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful place, brightly painted and fresh-seeming.

The group doesn’t particularly have a lot of money to spend on recording, and so I was initially surprised that we were recording in a professional studio. As it turns out, the producer who owns this studio is also a member of the group, though currently on a leave of absence.

He graciously gave us a very nice discount.

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