Test party

Last night my roommates and I had a test party. We wanted to see (1) if people would actually come and (2) whether we had enough space in our current layout to make it work.

It was definitely a success. I invited a few friends who weren’t already wiped out from the Biophysics retreat, and made a batch of chocolate covered peanut-butter balls. We had three confirmed guests, but eventually a total of 16 people showed up, proving that my roommates do, in fact, have friends.

One of the people I invited informed of another party, being held by another friend at his house, about 300 feet away, so halfway through our party, I stepped out for a few minutes to run through the rainstorm, knock on the wrong door, find the right house, drop off the snacks, say hello, and walk back to my own party… but not before my friend invited me, and all of my guests, over to join up.

Moving 16 people through a storm is not really possible, but once our party was winding down, I led the last few over to my friend’s much nicer apartment (he’s a real working professional, so he has every right to a much nicer apartment). It was a good mix of people, so we stayed pretty late.

This morning I woke up around 11:55 and rinsed out all the beer bottles for recycling before I realized that I was missing Dim Sum with the same crowd. I got there towards the end of brunch, which is just as well, since I’d forgotten my wallet at home. I still got a chance to see some friends from high school with whom I haven’t spoken in years. I met them just after they started dating; they are now married with a wonderful baby boy. It was a good time.

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