First Actual Scan

I’ve spent the past week or two making MRI scans of celery and trying to improve my code’s workingness. Today I got to try it out on the 7T scanner, one of the most powerful MRI machines in the world. My professor signed up to use this machine all weekend, in order to acquire some very high-resolution images of an ex-vivo brain hemisphere. My advisor said I could probably borrow ten minutes at the beginning, before they started the multi-day main imaging sequence. In my eleven-minute scan, I made a 128x128x8 voxel image of an ex-vivo hemisphere at 0.5mm resolution with 8 different diffusion directions.

The images are badly corrupted, probably because the slab was too narrow, and 8 partitions was too few. Once I have an hour or two of scan time, I can fix that.

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