Time Zones

It’s after 4 AM Saturday, a little under 12 hours until takeoff. It’s also mid-afternoon in Hong Kong, our first destination and 12 time zones away. This makes for a problem. To be on Hong Kong time, I should go to sleep around 8 AM, and sleep for 8-9 hours. We are leaving shortly before noon to drive to the airport, where we will have to check in and go through security and all this sort of stuff. This makes for, at minimum, a 3-hour period of mandatory awakeness precisely in the middle of the Hong Kong night.

I think my solution will be to take a 2-hour nap from 8-10 AM, and then sleep from 4 PM- 10 PM. On Hong Kong time, this is like the standard problem of taking a nap too late in the day, and then not being tired enough to go to sleep until the wee hours. Except rotated by 12 hours.

EDIT: I misconfigured my alarm clock and overslept, so I think I need a new plan.

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