I made an effort to stay up late tonight, in order to push my schedule closer to Hong Kong, where I’ll be arriving on Sunday. After rehearsal I went out for Karaoke with a bunch of fellow castmembers (castmates? playmates?). Then I left for a midnight showing of “The Wizard of Oz”, with the soundtrack replaced by a loop of “The Dark Side of the Moon”. This combination is famous for synchronization, and many have suggested that the album was designed as a sort of alternate soundtrack for the movie. I was intrigued, but not terribly impressed; there were perhaps 5 or 6 points where the synchronization was truly amazing, separated by long stretches of nothing. I stayed through the whole thing anyway, just to stay up late, and then bought some earplugs for the plane.

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my bicycle helmet along the way, and now I have no time to search for it.

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