Last night I saw “Live Free or Die Hard” with a few MTG folks. I am a notorious cheapskate, but I definitely felt that I got my $8 worth. Afterward, we grabbed some food and headed to a nearby apartment for more socializing. We eventually watched Dogma. I got home around 3 AM.

My new monitor is supposed to be delivered today, which leaves me feeling a little bit trapped in my house, but it should be a fun new toy.

EDIT: Immediately after posting this, my monitor arrived. It’s beautiful.


As part of an effort to simplify my life (and fit all my food into one cabinet) I do not buy cookies or other desserts. Instead, I buy chocolate chips, which I typically find to be higher quality than candy-bar chocolate anyway. I also stock peanut butter (made from pure peanuts) and whole-wheat bread, and if I feel like a dessert-style snack, I make a sort of peanut-butter and chocolate open-faced sandwich.

Yesterday, the temperature in my apartment rose to the point that my bag of 53% cacao Nestle Chocolatier chips melted to the consistency of Nutella. Today, they are a solid block of chocolate. Thus, I have been reduced to eating straight chocolate out of the bag, with a fork.


My bicycle tire is flat, so I’ve been taking the bus. It’s been over 90 degrees today and yesterday. This morning I drank almost a liter of water waiting for the bus. I guess I should buy a bicycle pump, even though I’ve always hated bicycle pumps.

Research is going well. Many thanks to Harvard’s New Instructional Computing Environment (“NICE” a triple+ pun involving a UNIX command-line utility called “nice” that all NICE users are required to use).

I left my laptop charger at work, so I have to watch TV tonight.

It’s really hot in here.

I bought a monitor from CompUSA. It was shipped today. It was priced low, but not so low that they wouldn’t actually sell it.


My friend and roommate is in the reality show “America’s Got Talent”. She’s likely to be in the episode airing tomorrow night at 8 PM on NBC. (That’s Tuesday, June 26).

Just thought you might like to know.


Today I had my first dance rehearsal. It was a lot of fun. The dance numbers are big and complicated, with an long sequence of different geometrical forms one after the other, according to the style of the time. The dancing is pretty hard. For example, at one point I have to spin on one foot, and then two beats later, lift a girl into the air in sync with two other guys, turn her 90 degrees, and set her back down.

Then we all get into a kick line.


I spent today in the MTG set shop, deconstructing old set pieces to reclaim the wood for future use. Afterwards, we walked to Pour House for incredibly cheap burgers.



My grandparents convinced me to buy a monitor. The sweet spot in the market now seems to be 19″-20″ LCDs. The going rate for 19″ is about $150, at the cheapest, so I was shocked to find one listed at Amazon for $29. A brand-new, top-of-the-line Samsung, no less, with amazing specs. I bought it as quickly as possible, for a total of about $50, including shipping. My order was confirmed at that price.

A few seconds later, that same monitor was listed at over $200. Someone may have misplaced a decimal point. I wonder what happens now.


I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot today. It’s mostly a lot of little things, like folding my laundry, but perhaps the standout item is that I’ve just finished my first bilinear Tikhonov regularization. The results are not worth much, yet, but I now have a framework that I can use to build something much more interesting.


I normally sleep face down. This is a perfectly fine way to sleep, in my opinion, but it is not an option in coach class on an airplane. In the interest of sleeping better on planes, and in other constrained situations, I am trying to train myself to sleep face up. I am finding this very difficult.

If you have any advice on how to retrain oneself to sleep in a different position, let me know.