I managed to free my car. It took over an hour of chiseling today. Initially, my car barely moved at all before the wheels started spinning. I chipped away at the ice surrounding three wheels, checking every few minutes whether the car would move. The task was complicated by traffic, which made it impossible to chip away at the outside wheels for more than thirty seconds every few minutes. Eventually I managed to get about 6 inches of travel before the wheels would slip. I got out by running in reverse until the wheels slipped, then holding the brake, switching to drive, and slamming on the gas while turning the wheel.

The forecast calls for snow tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t have to go through this again this year.

The last few days have been Biophysics recruitment, so I’ve been extremely busy at fun social events. I just got back from a very fancy hotel bar with a crowd of 17.

I have eaten so much.

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