Bad Ben

I’ve been bad about keeping my diary updated. I had intended to post on Friday that I was going on the Chorallaries retreat, and might not be in contact until Monday. Unfortunately, I spent too much time packing to write anything and still leave on time.

Every year, the Chorallaries rent a house in Vermont for a weekend and spend it partying, cooking for each other, and practicing 6 hours or more a day. It serves as a wonderful opportunity to learn our new music in time for the Fall Concert, as well as to get to know our new members. This is aided by the wonderful location, in an endless autumn forest. It was the perfect weekend.

This is not likely to be the perfect week. I have to get cracking on my work for my math class and finding a research group (admittedly, both of these sound fun). This weekend is the MIT Family Weekend concert, where I have a solo. My parents are driving up to see me, then driving me back for a party they’re throwing the next day.

So, still hectic.

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