It has snowed every single day for the past 8 days, usually twice, and there is no snow on the ground at all. Last night we had the first hard freeze, with real frozen puddles, but by afternoon it had warmed up again, and now it’s snowing.

I now understand why they claim to have unpredictable whether: the temperature bounces within a few degrees of freezing, but it rains, snows, hails, and is perfectly clear without warning, changing every few minutes.

Wine Pictures

So, there’s this bottle of the college’s wine in the main Fitz bicycle yard, sitting on a post in bike rack. It was there when I arrived in January, and my friends tell me it was here when they left in December. It’s half-empty.

I’m sure there’s a good story behind it, but I don’t know what it is. I took some pictures anyway.


That was an interesting meeting. It’s really quite awkward, meeting people whom you don’t really know, with only one thing in common. Anyway, they seem perfectly nice. I suppose I should really figure out when I want to go, and how long I want to stay.

The pub we were in, Wetherspoons, was extraordinary. It is a cavernous multilevel affair, in some ways reminiscent of Fuddrucker’s minus children.


I am not as on top of things as I thought. This morning, after rowing (or in fact erging since we have now broken both of our boats beyond use), I went immediately to the Cavendish for lecture. At the end of my first lecture, a fellow Fitz physicist asked me if I remembered when our supervision was, at which point I remembered my supervision for today, at 12:15. I skipped the second lecture (it’s purely general-interest, not actually part of the course) and wrote up answers to as many problem as I could for that course (for which I hadn’t done any work since the previous supervision). I worked until 11, when I went to my other supervision, for QCM, for which I’d done work mostly the night before, and handed it in that morning. That supervision was supposed to run until 12, but instead ran over, leaving me 1 minute to attempt to eat my sandwich while searching for my next supervisor’s office.

In the end I survived both supervisions fine, then walked home with my supervision partners, debating the relative merits of different nuclear power techniques. This turned out to be a problem, as I completely forgot that I had a “marking session” for my lab report at 3 PM, and didn’t remember until I received an e-mail from the grader (who is also my QCM supervisor, and whom I had just seen earlier today). In the end it was fine: it’s been moved to tomorrow.

Tonight should be interesting. I have an odd sort of business meeting, with the trappings of a strange date. In order to hitchhike I need a group of 2 or 3, and if there are no girls in the group we are very unlikely to get picked up. As the charity forbids hitchers from going in groups that do not include a male, the female hitchers are searching for men. Thus, I will be meeting two ladies tonight at 7 in a local pub to get to know each other a bit better and see if we’d like to do some touring as a group.

Sounds good to me.


I just got back from my supervision for Quantum Condensed Matter (Physics). This was the one which was so unpleasant the first time, with the supervisor who threatened to bar me from returning if I didn’t come more prepared.

Well, I came more prepared, but he didn’t seem to remember me, or anyone else in the supervision, so I was unlikely to have been in any danger. The supervision was, in fact, quite nice, and if he remembers me, perhaps it will be as the only one who completed problem 6.13.

Spam and stuff

I’m getting hit with more comment spam than usual. I’ve tightened down the system a little bit, but so far the comment spam is still getting through.

The weather has been consistently awful here. It was bad yesterday before crew practice, reminding of the Dartmouth head race on the Connecticut River during the fall of my freshman year. That was almost certainly the worst weather I can recall rowing in. Luckily, it cleared up just as we started out, and was positively sunny by the time we got back in.

This morning, the snow was thick enough in the air to make bicycling a challenge, if only because it was so uncomfortable to look forward. My hands were unresponsive by the time I got to the boathouse. The weather improved again as the outing started, but it still drizzled and flurried for much of the outing. It also stayed cold; by the time I got to class, my hands were too numb to lock my bike.

Resolved: This house will henceforth wear gloves when biking in British winter.

There’s a lot more news than this, but for now I have to post and turn off my computer (i.e. this one) so I can take it with me to Cadenza rehearsal. I keep trying to introduce my new arrangement, and have been stymied by the lack of a CD player compatible with my CD burner, a problem that isn’t supposed to exist.


Someone just donated the last 5 pounds to finish off my fundraising effort. Thank you!
I’ve taken down the notice, but of course the fundraising page will keep working.
Thanks to everyone who donated!

In other news, we’re going to have a rowing practice every morning this week in preparation for Bumps, the crazy race in which your only goal is to catch the team in front of you. That’s going to make it pretty hard to get anything done this week.

Oh, and the comment-spammers are back. Grrr.