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A lot has happened, I think, in the last day or two, but I don’t really remember what, so I can’t write about it.
Term is over. Classes are over. I have a supervision tomorrow, and that’s the end of my academics for this year. My flight isn’t until December 13th, which turns out to be extremely late, so late that I will have to switch rooms because a conference will be coming in and using mine. I will have 9 days with no obligations or activities. Unfortunately, tourism isn’t much fun alone, at least not for me, so this doesn’t seem like it’s going to be great week, especially because the whole city will be deserted. The reason for this problem lies in the definition of ‘term’. CME students were advised to get a flight a few days after the end of term. The end of term is the 11th, but this, it turns out, is not what they were referring to. They meant that we should leave a few days after the end of ‘full term’, i.e. yesterday. Full term is the time when classes are running, while term is the time when the university is open at all.

Tonight is the Fitz winter ball, which, bizarrely, is latin-american themed and named “Pasi

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