I just got back from weight circuit with crew. I got a slice of cheesecake at dinner, intending to eat it after I got back, but Tom convinced me to eat it first, to test whether or not it was actually having an effect on how well I felt during crew. It didn’t seem to hurt; I think I’m just finally getting back in shape.

Not much to report. Actually got some work done today. Feel really tired, which is convenient since I really have to go to sleep right now.
But first, the coolest photography site on the web. It’s called, and it’s devoted to ultra-large-format outdoors photography. Using the finest grain 9″x18″ negatives they can find, great lenses, the best film scanners, etc, they are somewhere around 1000 megapixels of actual resolution, maybe higher. Of course, the camera is the size of a Volkswagen, but that’s a separate issue.

Also, a site that took me a while to hunt down and was a big meme maybe a year ago on retouching. Note especially, those few of you who haven’t already seen this, the pictures of people. I will never again trust any commercial photographs; the retouching is simply too believable.

One thought on “Ooof.”

  1. I checked your site and was amazed by the clarity of such enlarged pictures. Just goes to show what surveilance cameras are capable of. Vely interdesting.

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